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id on colour contrast

Ever wondered why surgeons wear green scrubs? Colour contrast is elementary for visual perception. Without it, we could only see one tone or one colour.
The Swiss painter Johannes Itten and Bauhaus teacher described 7 of the colour contrasts that are supporting what we see. To complete the picture I have added two further ones, which respond to the way we see.
Colour contrasts are a powerful tool in art and design and have a great influence on the workplace, read on to find out more on how we perceive colours, how they interact and the reason why surgeons wear green scrubs.

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id on colour systems

Amethyst Showers – Bittersweet – Mole’s Breath?
You might be forgiven, if colour might not be the thirst thing that springs to mind on hearing these words, just a few evocative examples of naming colours.
4 main Colour Systems make working with colour straightforward and I will be explaining how they work and where they are used

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id on colour harmonies

The topic of colour often gets little attention, yet the most eminent minds in the fields of physics, biology and psychology thought it worthy of their attention, the greatest artists spend a lifetime wrestling with colour and it has a cultural and artistic significance that is undeniable.
An important step in handling colour confidently is to understand colour harmonies,
Here are just 7 principles based on the traditional colour wheel that will boost your colour comprehension.

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