Vertical Market

vertical market installation

Showcase – Installation – Signage all in one Vertical Market Display

The unique vertical market installation combines with key touch-points at entry level to stage immersive fashion stories throughout the building and provide opportunities for further and lasting customer engagement. The structure is conceived to showcase departmental displays at every floor level widely visible also to other floors within the generous atrium space and signals the offer of further floors to customers at every level.

The addition of led and backlit cubes can be combined with similar atrium ceiling installations to show changing lights as well as movies for a fully immersive display across 5 floors. Flexible content management allows an ever changing and evolving display to keep capturing customer imagination and involvement. See more

ROLE: Design Direction in Co-operation with CallisonRTKL

PHASES: Store Concept Design – Design Development

DEPARTMENTS: Beauty – Perfumery – Bags – Jewellery – Women’s fashion -Architectural Treatments -Customer Experience

SITE: First Implementation: Düsseldorf Germany

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