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The topic of colour often gets little attention, yet the most eminent minds in the fields of physics, biology and psychology thought it worthy of their attention, the greatest artists spend a lifetime wrestling with colour and it has a cultural and artistic significance that is undeniable.
An important step in handling colour confidently is to understand colour harmonies,
Here are just 7 principles based on the traditional colour wheel that will boost your colour comprehension.

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id on colour properties

Colour has a unique fascination and this is no surprise, because it surrounds us everywhere. It is ubiquitous in our homes, in nature, in fashion and any media.
From early mankind there was an urge to pick up a colour, or rather a pigmented stone and paint your message to the world.
So why do we find colour so difficult to grasp? One of the answers might just be that just 4 colour properties create a myriad of colour possibilities and even more combinations. Furthermore we all have our personal preferences and it is quite likely that no two people will agree on one colour. Yet coming to grips with colour might be easier than you thought – just 4 colour properties – yes the very same that create so many possibilities – are the very key to unlocking the mysteries of colour.

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id on colour

Confused about colour? Then my my series of blogs on colour basics might help you shed some light on this intriguing and wonderful subject.

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