Talan Towers – Shopping Centre

shopping centre atrium 1
shopping centre atrium 2
shopping centre atrium 3

A House Full of Life- The Curated Shopping Centre

The Talan Towers shopping centre was conceived as a house full of life to act as a focal point of high fashion for the world leaders of international brands.

To showcase these and entertain and engage customers various spaces and features where introduced to allow for a program of activities, performances and shows throughout the year as well as positioning stores and food offers in such a way to generate high footfall and a lively atmosphere throughout.

shopping centre access
food anchor
building facade

ROLE: Design Direction in Co-operation with CallisonRTKL

PHASES: Shopping Centre Analysis, Catalogue of Remedies, Space Planning, Access Planning, Concept and Design of Centre Interior Identity, Guidelines for Store Outlets,

AREAS OF WORK: Access and Circulation – Store Front Design – Atrium – Foodcourt – VIP Customer Lounge

SITE: Nur-Sultan Kazakhstan

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