London – Pied à Terre

interior kitchenette
interior focus on audio visual integration

A City Interior in Modern Urban Style

The Client was looking for a sophisticated modern interior to their central London residence. We first re-organized the layout of all areas to provide more space throughout and a comfortable use of all areas. Furthermore a straight staircase and tinted glass balustrade creates more openness, a sense of space throughout and uses the staircase as a sculptural installation. Material choices, carefully lit and balanced, generate harmonious, bright, friendly and modern interiors.

interior view staircase
bedroom interior
ff&e detail headboard
bathroom detail
interior walk-in wardrobe

ROLE: Interior Architects

PHASES: Concept to Detailing – Building Control – Tender – Award of Contract – Cost Control – Project Management

AREAS OF WORK: Lounge – Kitchen – Bathroom – Bedroom – Dining – Access – Space planning

SITE: London UK WC1

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